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Orange Hopsulator | Brumate

Orange Hopsulator | Brumate

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Unique triple walled Hopsulator 3 in 1.  

These unique drink holders will hold a short can or a tall boy.  And also can be used to hold a drink of choice.  


Care information

Our pieces can be easily maintained by cleansing with non-abrasive jewellery cleansers. Try to avoid putting gemstones into chemical solutions. When drying, customers ought not to rub the piece and opt for blotting it dry instead.

Every type of jewel is as unique in composition as it is in appearance and luster. Certain gemstones require more care than others and, often times, different types of maintenance. Generally, we can recommend for all of our gemstones to avoid contact with harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and rough surfaces. We also recommend removing your jewellery when showering, swimming, or sleeping to best care for your pieces.

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